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November 2012 Newsletter

POSTED NOV 20, 2012



Located in the Greektown neighborhood within beautiful downtown Detroit, Wayne County has broken ground on a new 715,000 square foot jail facility, adding 2,192 beds to the county jail capacity. The new jail will consolidate prisoners from two existing jails and a Hamtramck facility. Scheduled to open in July, 2014, the $ 300M jail will be one of the county's largest projects in several years.

Combined as a joint venture, Shaw and Edgewood Electric, LLC are working with Walbridge/dck to provide our extensive design/assist capabilities. We are partnering with the architectural design team of AECOM/Ghafari and project subcontractors in BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordination. Several thousand hours of CAD support and engineering will be used to help design the electrical and limited energy systems on this project.

Six substations along with primary service, power distribution, generators, UPS system, lighting, fire alarm, grounding, lightning protection system, over 150 miles of conduit raceways, and almost 600 miles of wire will be the main focus of construction for the Shaw team.


Construction Manager

Project Manager
Bob Marsh / Bob Bell

William Henehan



As a part of a system-wide upgrade to their natural gas distribution system, Consumers Energy is constructing a third compressor station at their existing Ray Gas Storage Field. The new plant consists of five engine/compressor units operating on a distribution system up to 1,800 psig. Approximately ten months into the 18 month construction schedule, Shaw was asked to assume responsibility for the completion of the design documents and subsequently complete the construction of the plant while adhering to the original scheduled completion date. Shaw dramatically increased the project management team and field forces assigned to the project and had the electrical systems operational within the originally required schedule.

The project consists of electrical installation within a Class 1, Division 1 environment and includes a 2000kva transformer and 3000a switchgear, instrumentation, lighting, gas & flame detection, PA systems, cable tray, site grounding, and lightning protection. Completion is slated for December, 2012.


Construction Manager

Project Manager
John Lambrecht

Mark Goddeeris

Mike Riddle / Mike Fritzam / Mike Terpstra
Dan Jackson / John Vivian / Randy House



Shaw Electric and Shaw Systems & Integration had a great 2012, reaching and exceeding our safety goals.

On behalf of Shaw, I would like to congratulate and thank our employees for their participation, hard work and commitment to our health and safety program. The foundation of our program, Health, Safety, Awareness & Wellness along with your efforts enabled Shaw to achieve three outstanding and significant safety goals in 2012.

Only two employee injuries were recorded for 2012. This is a continuation of a downward trend over the last five years and reflects our commitment to providing a hazard-free work environment. Currently, Shaw Electric's Employer Modification Rate (EMR), as calculated by the State of Michigan, is .87; a fifth consecutive annual reduction of our modification rate. Our EMR for 2013 will be .85.

Elimination of work place injuries is the catalyst for reducing the modification rate and insurance costs.

The future success of Shaw's health and safety programs will be measured by the commitment of our employees to work in a safe environment. Thank you again, for your continued support and efforts on keeping our employees SAFE.

Jim Vanderhull
Risk Manager



Home of the Wolverines' basketball teams, Crisler Arena has evolved into an academic, athletic, and entertainment venue on the south side of the U-M campus. This ~$52 million overall project was awarded to Spence Brothers in December 2011.

Consisting of 80,000 sqft of demolition and complete renovation, as well as a 65,000 sqft addition, the project includes new spectator entrances, retail spaces, and a private club.


A tight 12 month construction schedule with four major phases over 2 basketball seasons and 1 off season, the Spence Brothers/Shaw team has worked two shifts for the majority of the project.

With a first class facility and a team that is ranked in some preseason polls as high as #5 in the nation, the Wolverines should be very entertaining to watch this season.

Construction Manager
Spence Brothers


Project Manager
Randy Block

Craig Theros

Dustin Byrd / Mike Cox / Scott Tingley /
Rick Plisko / Brian Bowerman / Josh Gorham



Adjacent to the Ford Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan, Severstal produces raw steel materials for the automotive industry. Adding to their existing site, Severstal constructed two new buildings, HDGL to galvanize their steel and PLTCM for their pick line. Within these new buildings, Shaw Systems and Integration (SSi) designed and installed twenty-six new IDFs to support Severstal's network, adding hundred of new data drops, numerous wireless connections and installed over 100 security cameras. Over 32,000' of ABF (air blown fiber) with various strand counts both single and multi mode were installed. SSi is also providing Severstal with monitors and software for managing and monitoring of this system. This project started in March of 2011 and was successfully completed in April of 2012.



Barton Malow

Project Manager
Tony Modaffare

Tony Baglio


More than nearly anything else, I like to think that Shaw provides opportunity to people that choose to work here. The only logical way to provide employees with opportunities for advancement and growth is if the company is constantly growing. By far the vast majority of small businesses remain small businesses by choice. Owners find a size and a market in which they are profitable and decide, consciously or unconsciously, to remain that size. The decision to remain small provides some sense of security in continuing to do what you already know.

However, those same small businesses can be stifling for the individual who is young and just starting out in their career. Career paths and opportunities for advancement are necessarily limited in many small shops. You are either the owner or you are not with little in between. Advancing your career means jumping from one company to the next within the industry and is a far cry from climbing any kind of corporate ladder. To be clear, Shaw is a small business by many measures and hardly a corporate giant. What we always have and will continue to strive for is continuous growth. It is that commitment that provides our staff with new opportunities, jobs, and challenges within Shaw rather than finding new opportunities with other companies.

Exhibits "A" and "B" in this regard are our two most recent retirees. Jim Jones came to work for Shaw back in 1983 as a journeyman electrician. We recognized his ability and asked him to take on a project as a foreman, not knowing that he had never been a foreman before. Jim was more than a little apprehensive about the responsibility, but after cajoling him with promises that we would help him, he agreed. Fast forward to the present, some twenty nine years later, as Jim retires from Shaw Systems & Integration as its president. In the intervening years, Jim helped found and grow the company to what it is today. In no small part this is because Shaw offers an environment where opportunities like this exist.

A second clear example is one of the most talented electricians every to work for Shaw. Tony Goddeeris came to work for Shaw in 1970 as a green apprentice and never left. Forty two years later Tony retired as a foreman with a resume that includes some of the most technically sophisticated electrical projects in southeastern Michigan. Though his title never changed, Tony was the person we turned to for the management of increasingly bigger and more complex projects. We knew that having Tony on site and in charge reduced our risk on these jobs immeasurably.

I sincerely hope that each of you see those same opportunities from whatever chair, office, or jobsite you happen to be occupying today.




Shaw Systems & Integration recently became a certified Elite Partner for Genetec. Accomplishing this level of certification is not an easy task. Genetec is a pioneer in the physical security and public safety industry and a global provider of world-class IP license plate recognition (LPR), video surveillance and access control solutions to markets such as transportation, education, retail, gaming, government and more. With sales offices and partnerships around the world, Genetec has established itself as the leader in innovative networked solutions by employing a high level of flexibility and forward-thinking principles into the development of its core technology and business solutions. For more information on Genetec products please visit www.genetec.com





Shaw is proud to announce the following new employees:

17.jpgPaul Gaibrois

Shaw Electric's Manager of Sales & Business Development.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction & engineering industry, Paul comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in project management, estimating, management, and on-site installations. He counts many of the construction managers / general contractors as colleagues and friends. Paul will be responsible for expanding relationships with our existing customers and developing new clients for Shaw.



18.jpgHong Dinh

Shaw Systems' Manager of Sales and Business Development.

Hong is our newest SSI employee. Hong came to us in May of 2012 from a 19 year tenure at Graybar Electric. She was responsible for sales and business development with end user clients for the low voltage division while at Graybar. Hong had great success with many major accounts such as U of M, DTE, Oakland University, DMC, Detroit Arsenal, and several more. She will be working with Paul to provide Shaw's clients with the Total Value Solution.




William J Henehan


Robert Minielly
Kevin M Cottrell
Michael D Riddle


Robert A Bender
Brian E Tausney


Dustin S Byrd


James E Vanderhull
Joshua O Gorham
Joshua M Spielbusch


In order to meet the demand for the new Jeep Cherokee and increase productivity at the JNAP facility Chrysler required expansion of the internal wireless capabilities at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant. Project requirements were such that Shaw Systems and Integration teamed with Shaw Electric to provide both the low voltage and inside wiremen skill sets needed for the job.

Several new data center and plant floor cabinets were required to house the new wireless electronics. The medium voltage portion of the project included additional bus plugs, step down transformers, conduit and associated wiring. The network portion required new fiber optic backbone cabling and Category 6 unshielded twisted pair drops/cables for the ethernet wireless access points. Shaw's on-site project manager coordinated closely with the plant IT and facilities groups as the job progressed. This was key to the success of the project as the plant remained in production throughout construction. Shaw's crews worked on the midnight shift and weekends, completing the job in September 2012.


Project Manager
Tony Modaffare

Roy Cavanaugh

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